Linda Stewart has 38 years of experience in the fashion industry, which was the foundation for opening The T-Shirt Spot. While at school in South Los Angeles she designed for many of her teachers and for talent and fashion shows.

At 26 she started her first business, “Lynda Lee’s Designer Boutique” (her clothing label brand). Her services included tailoring, bridal gowns, theatrical costumes and movie productions and she established herself as a private designer for Andre Crouch, The Isley Bros., and many others. She secured 13 windows at I. Magnin’s stores on Wilshire’s Miracle Mile and in Beverly Hills.

For a while, the Real Estate industry caught her attention. Buying, renovating and selling properties afforded her time to make money while having fun, traveling and pursuing numerous hobbies.

The stronger passion, “fashion” continued to call her name. She opened her next venture; KL Designs, a manufacturing company. This upper end denim design and manufacturing company was a good outlet for her fashion designing, fabric design and innovation. However, her equipment, (30 machines), her inventory, patterns, samples and everything were lost during the LA Riots and the business collapsed.

But she had a new vision. The T-shirt generation is strong and endless. Hence, The T-Shirt Spot became her next venture in the fashion industry. In 2003, she began to cover an entire neighborhood with affordable clothing that can be customized to realize the community’s dreams. She donates to little leagues, helps schools with their uniform design to create great images for the youth, and works with schools on their fundraisers.

She constantly adds to her product lines with updated equipment that allows printing in six different methods. She focuses on her local community, schools, car clubs, bike clubs, social clubs, companies and individuals, but delivers anywhere!

How SCORE helped. 

Linda's 38 years of fashion experience helped her recover from the total loss of her business during urban riots

The T-Shirt Spot – Linda Stewart