How SCORE helped. 


In 2019, Pamela Chen was struggling to grow her financial planning and investment business, Refresh Investments.  A highly skilled financial professional, CPA, and CFA, Pam found it hard to serve her clients, perform marketing outreach and expand the firm all alone.  She turned to Bill Ehrlich, her SCORE Mentor to discuss the benefits of joining with a partner to share the workload.  Together Bill and Pam crafted a partnership agreement with Arielle Jacobs-Bittoni, CFA as well as an operational plan that worked for both partners. The partnership has allowed the team to work together, create a strong new website, conduct professional webinars, and share the responsibilities of running the business.

Standing apart from other financial service firms that are dominated by men, Refresh Investments has a unique approach when dealing with clients. “We involve our clients every step of the way, so financial decisions are inclusive and collaborative.  Our clients are comfortable asking questions to better understand their choices and risk, before making a decision. There’s no pressure.” As a result, marketing the practice is focused on serving women and their families to make the process informative and less intimidating.

Refresh Investments is a fee-only fiduciary business model providing personalized investment strategy and financial planning that aligns with their client’s needs and goals.  The SCORE Los Angeles Chapter was happy to honor Pam Chen and Refresh Investments at their 2020 Success Event.  Pam continues to work with SCORE and her mentor on her growth plan for 2021 and beyond.

Pamela Chen