Today with security and background checks, high-quality, professional service is necessary to obtain a high standard of results. The work must be certified by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Jason Wietersen, the owner of Federal Fingerprinting, Inc., contacted SCORE LA for business advice including how to structure the purchase of another existing fingerprinting business and ultimately enhance his current sales and profits.

Following the successful purchase, Jason and his mentor, Richard Krelstein, entered into a pattern with the SCORE LA mentor acting as not only an advisor but a sounding board for new opportunities being presented to Jason, staffing considerations, and contract challenges. Today, his fingerprinting business is expanding and providing new related services. He’s leaving a lot of important marks for people.

The company is certified by The Department of Justice and the FBI.  It currently has offices in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena and will be expanding shortly to Beverly Hills and Santa Clarita.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE LA advised on how to structure the purchase of another fingerprinting business

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