A chance encounter at a food store was the impetus that made a small business prosper. SCORE LA mentor, Jocelyn A. Cotlon, complimented Essie Blankson-Turner on the Ankara handbag that she was wearing. One thing led to another and Jocelyn offered to mentor Essie on her online Ankara bag fabric business. The young company is called Amba. It uses local African artisans in Accra and Ghana to sew pillows, tableware and statement pieces designed by Essie. Jocelyn put Essie in contact with an importer of linens from India and he, in turn, offered advice on how to grow her small business, even referencing a local manufacturer that the importer had sourced product from previously.

The SCORE LA recommendation proved successful and helped Amba to complete its full line of African print home décor items and accessories. Amba continues to sell online and has grown by increasing its product offerings with new bold fabrics and prints from around the world. It was just a matter of taking and making international marks.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE helped Amba to complete its full line of African products created by African artisans in Ghana

Amba - African print home décor items and accessories