SCORE has partnered with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in support of the Safe + Sound Campaign.

We encourage you to show your commitment to safety by hosting events and activities that can help energize or initiate a safety and health program during the second annual Safe + Sound Week on August 13-19, 2018.

Why Safety and Health Programs?

Each year, more than 3.6 million workers suffer serious job-related injuries or illnesses. These incidents don't just hurt workers and their families, but can hurt businesses in a variety of ways. Companies spend $1 billion per week on workers' compensation, which is money that could be better invested in growing businesses and creating jobs. The safety and health program approach has been proven by "best in class" employers that have reduced injuries and illnesses and improved their businesses.

While there are different approaches, all effective safety and health programs have three core elements:

  • Management leadership. Top management commits to establishing, maintaining, continually improving the program and providing any necessary resources.
  • Worker participation. Effective programs involve workers in identifying solutions. Improved worker engagement is linked to better productivity, higher job satisfaction and better worker retention.
  • A systematic find and fix approach. All effective programs are centered around a proactive process of finding and fixing hazards before they can cause injury or illness.

Initiating a safety and health program doesn't have to be complicated or require outside consultants; there are some simple, do-it-yourself steps to get started, including participating in Safe + Sound Week.

What is Safe + Sound Week?

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the value of workplace safety and health programs. These programs can help employers and workers identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, improving a company’s financial bottom line. Throughout this week, organizations are encouraged to host events and activities that showcase the core elements of an effective safety and health program, including: management leadership, worker participation, and finding and fixing hazards.

Resources to help you plan and promote your event

Information on how to join, ideas for events, event tools, graphics and signage, customizable communications, social media tips and recruitment tools are now available at  

Participating in Safe + Sound Week is as easy as following three simple steps:

Step 1: Select the activities you would like to do at your workplace. A series of activity briefs covering the three core elements of a successful safety and health program are available to help you brainstorm ideas for your organization. Activity ideas range from short term to longer term and vary in the time, resources and scope needed to complete them effectively.  For example, you could: have the owner or CEO of your organization lead a safety brief at the beginning of the work day, partner with experts and host training sessions, or dig into your data to analyze and identify hazards in your workplace.  We encourage organizations participating in Safe + Sound Week to host activities that include all three core elements, but even including one is a good place to start.

Step 2: Plan and promote your events. Templates for invitations, newsletter articles, and proclamations, customizable posters and banners, and graphics and artwork are just a few of the resources that are available to help you plan and promote your events. Once you decide to participate, make sure you let your workers, suppliers and customers know what you are planning. You can also register your organization to the map on the Safe + Sound Week webpage to showcase your involvement, and let others know you are participating.

Step 3: Recognize your participation. After you've completed your events, you can download a certificate and web badge to recognize your organization and your workers. By identifying and controlling the job-related hazards that can lead to injuries and illnesses, safety and health programs improve businesses' safety and health performance, save money, and improve competitiveness. Join us for Safe + Sound Week and show your commitment to safety.

Visit for more information and stay tuned for additional updates, resources, and webinars from SCORE to help you prepare!

Safe + Sound Week