Los Angeles, CA, (May 16, 2018) – SCORE’s service nationally is helping start-ups or small businesses be successful. Now Los Angeles SCORE has taken a big step to ensure that new businesses have more than a chance. Their revised workshop, “Starting a Business. What You Need to Know,” has really connected with start-up people, because it covers topics that are critical to a new business’ success. Los Angeles SCORE’s revamped “cornerstone” workshop on beginning a business has been a “hit” and has far exceeded SCORE’s expectations.” Attendance increased by over 50% and has stayed at that level ever since late 2017. With the changing consumer habits which favor small business start-ups, this revised workshop is quite timely.

SCORE LA also provides mentoring services that are free of charge and are led by seasoned business leaders and experienced professionals in many business areas. Not to forget, Los Angeles SCORE's many other low-cost or free workshops cover a broad array of business practices and industry “how-to's.”

Starting in the middle of 2017, the SCORE LA workshop committee decided to test the new title and cost structure of the “Start a Business” workshop.  The title was changed to “Starting a business. What you need to know.” The two-hour workshop was beefed-up to contain a lot of vital, pertinent information and suggestions which gave new small business and entrepreneurs a strong sense of where they are going and a better path to success. Scheduling it on the second Saturday of every month (or more often) made it easily predictable for mentors to suggest the workshop to their new clients. Robert O’Brien, mentor and one of the workshop’s instructors fundamentally put it, “Improved marketing and explaining the increased value of the workshop has really helped increase its attendance.”


For over 50 years SCORE has been the premier national small business mentoring service in the U.S. SCORE operates as a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with ongoing free mentoring and information. In 2017 SCORE LA helped start 456 new businesses and provided a total of 8,819 chapter services. In Southern California, there are 470 mentors, seasoned business leaders, who provide SCORE’s mentoring services free of charge in more than 25 locations just in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles chapter’s low-cost and free workshops cover a broad array of business practices, such as business plans, loan opportunities, and social media. For more information about SCORE LA, visit losangeles.score.org


David Berkus (SCORE)

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