Los Angeles, CA (August 13, 2018) -- Sometimes a small business needs to toot its own horn to build its business because it can’t afford to hire a public relations agency. Los Angeles SCORE is playing a role with small businesses to help them get their own news notices. SCORE’s business is helping start-ups and small business to become successful. SCORE, a nonprofit, does it by being a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) providing business newcomers with ongoing mentoring and information. SCORE’s mentoring services are free of charge and are led by seasoned business leaders. Also, SCORE's low-cost or free workshops cover a broad array of business practice and industry “how-to's.”

Here’s a success story that gets to the point, TEMPLEWORK LA is a spa that can provide Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, acupressure (pressure to acupuncture points), craniosacral therapy, Reiki (energy based modality), visceral manipulation, other therapies and related products. ‘There’s a lot to this company that could generate various news stories.

SCORE LA marketing mentor, Emily Tufeld, in a meeting with Anna Marie Wood of TEMPLEWORK LA, recommended (among other things) that she take the SCORE LA workshop on Public Relations for Small Business. Emily also gave Anna Marie a copy of the Mind & Body section of Los Angeles’ largest newspaper as a target to work for. Strengthened by many things she learned in the workshop, Anna Marie felt confident she could do the PR herself.

“I have a woman who monitors my LinkedIn,” Anna Marie said. “She has grown my LinkedIn to over 550 contacts. I contacted her and asked her to try and ‘contact’ this writer woman from the paper…requesting a ‘connection’.  Once you are ’connected’ with someone, you can send out a longer message.” 

This woman indeed connected with the writer.  After a short message, Anna Marie sent out information explaining her business and how they were “wonderful.”  Now that Anna Marie had connected with the writer, she sent her more info on TEMPLEWORK LA and from taking the workshop she was able to write her own press releases and stories. One email lead to another email, and they have been in touch ever since. The articles started happening.

This is just one story. Between the SCORE LA mentors and SCORE's PR workshop, entrepreneurs and small businesses can gain confidence about getting free publicity for their young companies. First, the company has to have something special, very interesting, unique, or innovative, even a "catchy" story angle to pull the attention of someone on the editorial/production staff of a publication, online entity, television or radio show. The company finds who it thinks is the appropriate contact, then it makes the call and is ready to "pitch" him or her. If it has to, a message is left and then an email is sent (or press release) about their new company’s story. Follow up is essential. Every new company should try to make a number of media contacts to push its story. This is an ongoing process as it has new things about the company to announce. It helped add professional credibility and business for TEMPLEWORK LA.


Since 1964, SCORE has been the premier small-business mentoring service in the U.S. The nonprofit resource partner of the Small Business Administration has about 320 chapters and more than 11,000 business expert mentors nationally who give free help so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can successfully start and grow their businesses. The large SCORE LA chapter helps small businesses get established and grow by providing free business resource information, free expert mentoring and low-cost/no-cost educational business workshops. In 2017 SCORE LA helped start 456 new businesses and provided a total of 8,819 chapter services. To learn more about the SCORE L.A. chapter, please visit losangeles.score.org.

David Berkus (SCORE LA)
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