Los Angeles, CA, (May 2, 2016) – SCORE Greater Los Angeles has developed the SCORE Triple L Program to increase women-owned small businesses’ access to the knowledge, training and mentoring needed for success. Since 1964, SCORE, a resource partner of the SBA, has been the premier national small business mentoring service in the U.S. SCORE Greater Los Angeles serves Los Angeles County, which is home to more than 225,000 small businesses and has more minority-owned and women-owned businesses than any other county in the nation. The new Triple L program is a ten-month luncheon series that will allow women in small business to learn from and lean on participating peers, presenters and SCORE mentors. This special program will begin in May 26, 2016 and be held in Pasadena at Cross Campus. Early registration is encouraged as total attendance is limited.

“There are several barriers to success for women entrepreneurs, including lack of mentorship and access to industry leaders. Women-owned businesses need owner and employee training and access to capital to succeed. SCORE’s Triple L Program will stimulate growth for participants by providing the knowledge, training and mentoring needed for business success,” said Katherine Hunter-Blyden, board member and mentor for SCORE LA.

The Tripe L Program includes three components of success: lunching, learning and leaning. Lunching – The lunching component of the program is not just about enjoying a meal. The program’s lunchtime meeting schedule limits disruption to small businesses whose principals are usually actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of the business. It will also allow program participants to maximize their time away from the office by giving them an opportunity to network with peers, presenters and SCORE mentors. Learning – Each monthly session of the program will include a learning component in which presenters will share business concepts and best practices on a variety of topics. Planned topics include sales, marketing, finances and leadership fundamentals. Leaning -The leaning component of the program focuses on giving participants access to seasoned business leaders and SCORE mentors. Program presenters will include individuals who are recognized as proven leaders in their respective fields of discipline.

Anticipated sessions include: The Business Plan, Your Roadmap to Success, Selling Made Simple, Effective Marketing Strategies, Understanding Financials, Why Customer Experience Is Key, Debt versus Equity Funding, People Management: Back to Basics, Elements of a Good Business Contract, Assessment & Why Your Business Needs a Scorecard and concluding with Leading the Way: A Blueprint for Excellence in Leadership. In order to maximize peer-to-peer networking, SCORE’s Triple L Program is limited to business owners who have five years’ experience in their field and who have been in business for at least one year. Only principals are allowed to enroll in the program.

Any woman-owned small business in Los Angeles County may apply to participate in the program which is $15 per month per enrollee. The SCORE Triple L Program application is available at http://conta.cc/1VUhmN9.

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