Los Angeles, CA (November 20, 2017) – SCORE Greater Los Angeles can be a great pathway to start a small business with the help of highly qualified mentors with extensive experience in many businesses. SCORE LA can help entrepreneurs and small businesses get going in the right direction with a pool of many mentors, and a special one who was recently honored, centenarian Sam Stawisky.

Business mentoring is the core of SCORE LA. A resource partner of the SBA, SCORE is part of a nationwide nonprofit organization (350 chapters and 11,000 volunteer mentors). SCORE nurtures small businesses to help them get established and grow by providing free business resource information, free expert business mentoring, plus low-cost and free educational business workshops. In an effort to provide even better service to our dynamic metro, SCORE LA even has “sub-chapters” around the city to reach several sections of Greater Los Angeles with varied patterned populations.

Knowing Sam Stawisky is to know the level of mentorship he has built up over so many years. Sam typifies the dedication and attention to clients that SCORE LA mentors provide and was honored recently at the annual Los Angeles SCORE small business Success Luncheon.  After graduating from UCLA in 1935, Sam turned down a pro football contract for $500 a game to work for the family department store business and at the end of his business career in 1984, he joined SCORE in Los Angeles. Along with mentoring, he held various positions with the SCORE chapter rising to Area Director for the national SCORE office and from there focused back on mentoring to this day.

Sam currently mentors with another mentor.  “I have co-mentored with Sam for over two and one-half years.  He is an excellent listener,” said Stephen Hurney, Sam’s co-mentor. “Based on his extensive business experience, he can and does offer the clients excellent suggestions on the marketing, operations, and scope for their businesses.  I have learned from him, too.”

Being 103 has its advantages.


For over 50 years SCORE has been the premier national small business mentoring service in the U.S. The nonprofit association has working and retired business expert mentors who volunteer their time, talents and expertise to help small business entrepreneurs succeed in starting and growing their businesses. SCORE operates as a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with ongoing free mentoring and information.  In Southern California there are 470 mentors. SCORE’s mentoring services are free of charge and are led by seasoned business leaders, in more than 25 locations across Los Angeles County. Currently, SCORE LA reaches about 2,000 clients annually, through mentoring and business workshops. The Chapter’s low-cost and free workshops cover a broad array of business practices, such as business plans, loan opportunities and social media. For more information about SCORE LA, visit losangeles.score.org


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