Glendale, CA – September 8, 2014 ‒ Although SCORE Los Angeles has been helping entrepreneurial start-ups and small business owners for fifty years with free mentoring, it also provides new business workshops and roundtables across a wide array of new age business topics . This helps clients rapidly develop their businesses and grow revenue. Most workshops are taught by professionals focused on a particular aspect of doing business successfully.  It all adds up to an entrepreneur having a better likelihood of starting a business and a small business staying in business.
The mentors at SCORE LA are ready for all comers. During the great recession many clients came to SCORE LA because they were out of work or worried they would be let go. Today there are fewer of these clients, but a new breed of clients are availing themselves of SCORE LA services. Staying gainfully employed is tougher as many jobs are gradually giving way to elimination due to technology. People feel more secure with the thought of having their own company. They don’t want to be at anybody’s mercy. Then there is the shrinking number of middle class jobs caused by the receding middle class in America. Finally, people are realizing that they will most likely live longer and will have to have income, post 60, to cover more of those extra years. Many new clients at SCORE LA are coming from these conditions and state of mind, so SCORE LA has beefed up its capabilities to provide what is really needed today.
With a check of the SCORE LA website workshop calendar, entrepreneurs and small businesses can always find popular standard workshops like “How to Successfully Start Your Own Business,” “Developing a Winning Business Plan” and “Financial Projections Made Easy”. New workshops are introduced every month including digital-age newcomers. Samples from the recent workshops offered are: “U-Tube (YouTube) Videos for Your Small Business (two parts),” “How to Sell on the Internet,” “Social Media Marketing Strategies” and one on WordPress (total 12 hours). When taught by the special consultant SCORE LA brings in, the workshop “Get LinkedIn and Build Your Business” has proven popular.
“As basically an IT person, I know how business world technology has helped start-ups who realize the values and have adapted quickly,” said Guy Langvardt, SCORE Los Angeles’ president. “We at SCORE LA constantly keep an eye out for the best and latest business subjects for workshops to assist the entrepreneur and small business person compete in the fast, ever-changing world of doing business.”
SCORE LA has over twenty different subject workshops. Many workshops are taught on weekdays, evenings and/or Saturdays. The online registration price per typical workshop is $45 with a group $250 special for as many as you want to take within a three month period. Extended hour workshops will have a higher price.