Los Angeles, CA. September 21, 2015 – Many SCORE Greater Los Angeles business advisers to entrepreneurs and start-ups will go to great lengths to provide advice, even by making “house calls” to brick and mortar businesses. SCORE Greater Los Angeles has been helping entrepreneurial start-ups and small business owners for fifty years with free mentoring from mentors all over Los Angeles County. It all adds up to an entrepreneur having a better likelihood of starting a business and a small business staying in business.

When Richard Florczak of Fame Pizzeria in the San Fernando Valley called for SCORE Greater LA help, he knew he had to tend to his restaurant and couldn’t get away. That’s when SCORE Greater LA came to him as it does for many clients. For more than 20 years, Chef Richard Florczak has been the exclusive private chef to Hollywood’s A-List-: 2 Years with Tom Cruise, 13 years with Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyson Chandler of the Knicks, Billy Gardell of Mike and Molly, Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live and Jennifer Garner (who wrote the forward to his award-winning cookbook, “The Private Chef”). He was at the top of his game when something happened. He built a wood-fired pizza oven at his home and discovered his true passion. He spent five years developing his dough to the point of perfection. Richard makes every pizza himself in full view of all the customers right out of the 750-degree oven.

“No more following fad diets for me, Florczak said. I’ll never make kale chips, tofu or quinoa salad again!” he says.  “And you won’t find gluten-free or pineapple here! Just great Neapolitan pizza because my heart is in the hearth.”

Now he is in the gourmet pizza business. After learning about SCORE Greater LA, Florczak contacted them to get free (but not gluten free) help in marketing and positioning his business to pick up the pace. Mentor and veteran marketer, David Berkus, from SCORE Greater LA, met with him within feet of his pizza oven and provided a number of strategies and a list of marketing possibilities. Florczak will put them to the test.

SCORE Greater LA has many mentors that cover many business areas and industries. The mentors at SCORE Greater LA are ready for all comers. During the great recession, many clients came to SCORE Greater LA because they were out of work or worried they would be let go. Today there are fewer of these clients, but a new breed of clients are availing themselves of SCORE Greater LA services. Staying gainfully employed is tougher as many jobs are becoming obsolete due to technology. People feel more secure with the thought of having their own companies. They don’t want to be at anybody’s mercy. Then there is the shrinking middle class affected by the dwindling number of middle-class jobs in America. Finally, people are realizing that they will most likely live longer and will have to have income, after age 60, to cover more of those extra years. Many new clients at SCORE Greater LA are coming from these conditions and state of mind, so SCORE Greater LA has beefed up its capabilities to provide what is really needed today, even one-on-one at the small business site.

SCORE Greater LA also provides numerous new business workshops and roundtables across a wide array of new age business topics. This helps clients rapidly develop their businesses and grow revenue. Workshops, at various locations around Los Angeles County, are taught by professionals focused on a particular aspect to help the new businesses be successful.


David Berkus

SCORE Greater Los Angeles

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SCORE LA Goes the Extra “Mozzarella” to Help a Pizza Restaurant