Los Angeles, CA, (November 23, 2015) – Small wins add up. When local small business succeeds, everybody wins. That’s why SCORE Greater Los Angeles, free mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business, honors select local businesses that have made it with SCORE mentoring. However, it’s not always just business, it’s personal achievement.

SCORE Greater Los Angeles is nurturing small businesses by helping them start and grow through free expert business mentoring, providing free business resource information and low- cost educational business workshops. SCORE Los Angeles has provided over 10,000 sessions with the small business owners alone so far in 2015 with some 100 volunteers, and they are looking to serve even more next year. Three new businesses were deemed outstanding and were honored at SCORE LA annual Success Luncheon held earlier this month. Each of the three selected business successes has its own story of finding the road to growing its business.

Janet Cano came to SCORE LA three years ago, was in a life transition and wanting to start her own agency selling insurance. Her SCORE LA mentor helped her build a business plan, set goals, expectations and find her niche mastering marketing using face-to-face impressions with as many people, organizations and businesses she could get to be in contact and build relationships. It began to pay off.

“Now I have my own insurance agency representing Farmers Insurance in the Valley for the last three years, and I truly have to give credit to my mentor for all of the guidance and people he has put in my path in order to achieve everything I have done in the past few years,” Janet Cano reflected.

Another winner was on a very different personal path. Mikhail Tank is a highly creative person and came to SCORE LA to “monetize” himself. He didn’t know if he should get an agent or join an advertising agency or what. Together with SCORE’s advice, he set up a focus list of creative things he wanted to do to get started. Many of them came to a satisfying fruition, even internationally. He realized he needed to succeed with his own vision instead of being part of a bigger business or at some talent pro’s direction. Now he is on a growth path where he is reaching out to others for additional creative accomplishments.

The third small business to be recognized was Simple Compounding Goods, Inc. run by Orr Ben-Zvy. This company specializes in selling liquidation inventory, but was complaining of growing pains. He was running out of physical warehouse space, having seasonal cash flow problems and needed help justifying hiring employees. Solution: SCORE LA and the Amazon.com platform. Selling through their system addressed his issues, facilitated sales growth, cash flow and profit growth. Ben-Zvy now teaches a SCORE LA workshop on selling inventory through the Amazon.com. platform.


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SCORE Greater Los Angeles

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The Real Stories behind Small Business Success