Los Angeles, CA (May 4, 2016) – SCORE, a national organization with local chapters and a resource partner of the SBA, has been dedicated to helping stimulate the local economy by providing free business mentoring from highly-experienced volunteers and low-cost workshops to the entrepreneur and small business community for many years. SCORE Greater Los Angeles (SCORE LA) serving Los Angeles County, has lost an esteemed mentor, but has realized it retains the qualities within its remaining cadre of mentors that made the deceased mentor so special.

In March of this year, Don Doner, a senior mentor passed away after a very successful career as a small business owner and an additional 26 years as a SCORE LA mentor literally helping well over 2,000 clients. Many of them he met with over the years in local chambers of commerce. Doner had a calm but introspective way of working with his clients. He was thorough, getting client information to maximize their potential, fully understanding clients, clarifying their business goals and suggesting the best ways that they could achieve their goals. He invited clients to repeated mentor meetings to further motivate and move them along. With that, he was a big proponent of doing a business plan. When it came to business plans, Don Doner wrote the book, literally. With his first new business, he realized he needed a business plan. He actually published a booklet (with a Library of Congress copyright) on a business plan format called Magic Plan X. This was the foundation of his broad business and marketing related experiences with such companies as Chevron/Texaco (formerly Standard Oil), Valvoline, Union 76 and Mobile Oil (now ExxonMobil) including their retail service for new and used car and truck dealerships.

Don Doner generated many achievement awards from SCORE LA each year for his clients’ successes and was always an ardent supporter for years after their first SCORE LA encounters. He set standards for mentorship during his long tenure with SCORE LA. This level of mentorship was absorbed by the many other well-experienced mentors in the SCORE LA chapter whether they knew it or not. This is what makes SCORE LA the premier small business mentoring and information resource in the area today. SCORE LA will always be indebted to the fine character of mentoring provided by Don Doner. He was the epitome of what SCORE LA provides and his legacy will benefit upcoming entrepreneurs and small businesses through the services of SCORE Greater Los Angeles for years to come.

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David Berkus
SCORE Greater Los Angeles
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