How I can help you

1959-1977 Worked in family business repairing and later manufacturing automobile radiators. Learned to run a small business from A to Z with a staff of thirty. We sold the company in 1974 and it is still in business. 1978 My brother (partner) and I opened a business for branding and retailing projection televisions. We assembled components that were purchased. We closed the company in 1984 as multinational companies entered the field. The early years were lucrative. 1984-2011 We started a new business in my garage. We manufactured catalytic converters for the automotive aftermarket. I was the president. It has been profitable since its inception. In January of 2011 we sold the company. At the time of the sale we had thirty-eight employees. I stayed on through 2011 for the transition. I still have some stock in the company. I retired at the end of 2011 and the business continues to grow. I like to help ongoing businesses overcome problems they may be experiencing and also help them improve their cash management and profitability. I am a focused thinker and able to see the good and the bad, cost/benefits in situations. I am able to see remedies to make improvements. I have helped hundreds of people and I would like to help you. I also help with startups.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Plan
  • Management & Operations
  • Product Development

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

David Carter

Communication Methods

  • In Person
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