Funding Resources

Looking for capital to start or grow your business? Check out local funding sources and guidance materials put together by SCORE volunteers. These resources will help you increase your chance of getting funded!

SCORE Mentors

Los Angeles Mentors with Finance and/or Accounting Background

SBA Funding and Resources

SBA Loan Programs 7(a), 504, and SBAExpress
SBA Loan Programs

The SBA International Trade Loan Program
SBA Export Loan Programs – 06.12.14

SBA Local Assistance


Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Directory by SBA

L.A. County Community Development Commission/Housing Authority
Small Business Programs

L.A. County Office of Small Business
Contracting Connections

A PDF file is located under the Resource Guide section. You can obtain a hard copy of the resource guide at the SBA office--Make sure you call the office beforehand. The guide includes a list of Credit Unions that have SBA Financing programs.
SBA Los Angeles District Office Resource Guide

The SBA Lender Match connects entrepreneurs with SBA Approved lenders. Once an applicant fills out the form, SBA Lenders contact him/her within 48 hours if there is a match.
The SBA Lender Match

Federal & State Government Funding and Resources

USA Gov Finance Your Business provides information on federal-level financing programs to assist small businesses.
USA Gov Finance Your Business

Helps individuals looking for government loans. It directs you to the loan information that best meets your needs.

Provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories  of the United States; domestic public, quasi- public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

Self Funding

A great case study on Self-Funded business. A Canadian entrepreneur, Mike McDerment, shares how he used his web design consulting firm to finance the software startup he started, which is now Freshbooks.

Interesting article from the Harvard Business Review
Growing a Start Up without Outside Investors – Chobani – Oct 2013

Lending/Debt Financing

The starting point is a business plan. Refer to the information in the section on Business Plans.  SCORE LA offers workshops on the basics of a business plan. Our mentors are happy to go over your business plan when you are ready.

List of Microlenders in Los Angeles

List of Online Lenders

List of Cash Advance Programs

Recommended Readings
Please read these articles and guides to increase your chance of obtaining business loans. You will learn a lot about how lenders evaluate a business to make a loan.

Bank criteria for lending to existing and start-up businesses
Bank Loan Requirements

Find the Right Business Loan for You: Loan Type and Requirements
Financing a Company of Any Size

Best Alternative Small Business Loans 2019

Why was my loan application denied?

Camino Financial, an online lender specializing in the Hispanic community, has provided these articles and videos on business loans.

A guide from the Pan American Bank
Small Business Loan Guide – 2014-01

If you are considering more than a one-time loan, you may want to learn more about double dipping. Learning about the concept may help you reduce your financing cost.

Templates that may be helpful


Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet by Kathleen Minogue of Crowdfund Better

Crowdfunding: an alternative financing approach
SBA Crowdfunding Notes

Recommended Readings

Investor Money/Equity Financing

Recommended Readings

Angel Investors in Los Angeles

Local Assistance for Equity Financing

Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Directory by SBA

List of Business Incubators and Accelerators in Los Angeles

Seed Accelerator Rankings

Directory and in-depth information on incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces
InBIA Resources

Technology Financing Programs

Written by David Berkus, a famous angel investor in Los Angeles, and published on his website, David discusses the best ways to raise money from friends and families without feeling sorry for them.
How to appropriately ask for money from friends and families

Shark Tank
Keith Marz, the owner of Marz Sprays (, shares his experience of being featured on Shark Tank.
Should you consider Shark Tank?

Shark Tank Resources

Grants/Government Grants

Is it really possible to get a grant to start or grow a business?
SCORE volunteers investigated the reality of grant programs in the US and put together what they found in this article. If you are seriously thinking about grants for your business, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND you read this article. The article tries to provide the most realistic picture of what it takes to get a grant for your business.

Recommended Readings

The Definitive Guide to Government Grants - eBook

List of Grant Programs--includes business contest

Government Grant Programs

Government Grants and Loans


Other Topics

Summary notes – SCORE National’s “Workshop in a Box” on Funding.
Securing Capital to Grow Your Business

    How to Get Early Stage Funding 9-15-15 – Article

    How to Get Early Stage Funding – Video

      How do I improve my business finances? Pay my business debts? Where do I get money?
      Before you search for funding of any type, please review information available at the following links:

      Valuing a Business

      A free online guide to business valuation resources, industry information, economic data, and more. Designed as a comprehensive reference guide for business appraisers
      Valuation Resources

      American Society of Appraisers provides various educational materials on valuing a business. The website also provides access to a directory of business appraisers.
      American Society of Appraisers

      A General education on how to buy a business
      How to Finance an Acquisition

      An easy-to-read educational article on how to value a private business. If you are looking to purchase a business and know little about finance and accounting, this is the best article for you
      Private Company Valuation