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How to attract top talent to your small business

September 1, 2016,

One of the most important challenges you will face is hiring and integrating new employees. A hiring mistake can be very costly.


Should You Consider Shark Tank?

August 1, 2016

We’ve had a number of SCORE LA clients ask about Shark Tank in recent years. In this post, Keith Marz, an owner of Marz Sprays, shares his experience of being featured on Shark Tank.


Use Mind Mapping to Generate Ideas

July 1, 2016,

Lost for a Solution to a Business Challenge? Try Mind Mapping.


Supply Chain Management – for my start-up?

March 5, 2016

For my start-up…Supply Chain Management…seriously? Supply chain management can matter even (or especially) for a start-up


Hey Start-Up, you are a sales person also

February 20, 2016,

It is really important for you as the company owners/founders to be involved in the selling process.


Rethinking Your Content Marketing Strategy

January 30, 2016

Content marketers provide information that is useful and fun


How to Choose a Payroll Company

April 16, 2021,

Hiring a payroll company can save companies time and money. This article will define three factors to consider before engaging a payroll partner.


The Changing Workplace

April 13, 2021,

Examine five trends that are changing the workplace small business owners should be aware of.


Volunteer Spotlight: Mentor, DeLisa Clift

April 12, 2021,

DeLisa is a mentor at the SCORE Savannah Chapter. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow their small businesses by drawing on her own experience.