What Are The Costs Of Hiring A Copywriter?


It all depends on what you want and how hard it is to achieve. Just as we learned above, copywriting helps businesses create awareness, generate leads and increase sales.


Top-Funnel Copywriters

To create awareness and build a brand, you need a social media manager and an SEO strategist. Some of the content they create include social media posts, community interactions, website copy and blog posts. 


They're the least expensive copywriters because they don't directly influence sales. Their job description is to create content to draw potential customers to your business. Expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $5,000 to get a decent copywriter. 


So how do you get as many potential customers as possible to your business while on a limiting budget?


  • For one, understand this is the most frequently used copywriting service. You know, you've to keep the pipeline full at all times and thus you'll need blog posts, social media posts and email newsletters many times a month, every month.
  • Being good enough is good enough. You don't necessarily need a veteran copywriter who you'd have to pay service fees that threaten the profit margin of your business. A copywriter with intermediate skill will do just fine. Remember, the end goal here isn't to make sales. You just want to generate quality traffic to your website and social media platforms.

Mid-Funnel Copywriters

Then we have copywriters that create content meant to qualify leads. Some of the content they create include white papers, brochures, e-books and more. 


These copywriters usually cost more than their top funnel counterparts but their services aren't as frequent. You only go for this service when you have sufficient traffic of potential customers coming to your website and social media platforms. Of course, this is achieved through months of working on top funnel content. 


Once you've a considerable amount of traffic to your website, you'll need to push qualified leads further down your sales funnel. Start considering lead generating content/services like a free roof inspection if you own a roofing company. Or a cheat sheet for marketing agencies if you sell marketing software. The goal is to create an offer so irresistible to your audience that they willingly give you their email addresses. 


This is where you'll need a mid funnel copywriter to help you communicate your offer to your audience.Expect to pay $1,000 to $10,000 for these kinds of copywriters. 


Bottom-Funnel Copywriter 

And finally we have bottom funnel/direct response copywriters that create copy to achieve sales. They usually are in charge of product descriptions, landing page copy, webinar scripts, ads on social media and search engine platforms, salesletters and email sales series. 


Now since bottom funnel copy takes more skill to execute successfully, copywriters at this stage are paid the most. They are writing to your warm leads at this point, with the intent of converting them to customers. They may want a base pay plus performance bonus of 1-2% of the profits their copy brings in. This can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the profits their sales copy brings in.


If you can hire someone who can take control of the whole marketing process. A freelance marketer or small niche marketing agency would be perfect at this point. They're more hands-on, communication is easier, service is tailor-made to fit your business and their fees are affordable.


You see, it's one thing to know the above and another to find who will truly give you what you want.


So where can we find these marketing ninjas?


Moving on, we'll be looking at 3 places to find copywriters in the Los Angeles area.


Where To Find Copywriters In Los Angeles

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There are numerous events in Los Angeles where one can find copywriters. We'll be looking at 3 marketing events in the Los Angeles area where you can learn from experienced speakers and network with copywriters.


DigiMarConWest 2020


Coming up in 3 months time, this event would feature top performing business owners and marketers who will help you understand a variety of topics in the business landscape.


Some of these topics include Web Experience Management, Usability/Design, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Conversion Rate, Search Engine Optimization, Geo-Targeting, Sales Automation, Sustainable Growth, User Acquisition and 14 more topics.


This event will take place at the luxurious Leows Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Los Angeles, California. You can get extra details here.


Digital Summit Los Angeles 


This event would be coming up on the 31st March to the 2nd of April, 2020. It would be hosted at the Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 North Sepulveda Boulevard,Los Angeles.


Some of the topics that'll be addressed in this event include social media marketing, content marketing, start ups, e-commerce and more. This 3day event would come with over 40 value-packed lessons, well over a thousand hours of engaging and educational content for a very reasonable ticket price. 


There will also be over 1,000 business owners, marketers and copywriters in attendance as well. This will provide ample opportunity to network with fellow business owners and copywriters. 


Web Congress Los Angeles 2020


This is a big global marketing and entrepreneurship event that tours at least 17 countries on an annual basis. Topics addressed include latest technological developments that affect business and marketing, education and entrepreneurship. Having started in 2009, this event boasts of speakers from Facebook, Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn. Although it's packed with valuable programs, there's also time for expos and networking. The event in Los Angeles comes up in April. See details here.


There are many other marketing events in the Los Angeles area. Look up local business associations near you and ask around for similar events where marketers, copywriters and business owners come together to network.


Now, it's one thing to attend these events and another to make connections that lead to business relationships. So here are 3 quick tips to help you avoid awkward situations and seamlessly connect with potential copywriters and marketers.


  • Don't worry about what to say, let others do the talking for you. Just be genuinely interested in what fellow event attendees do for a living. You'll see that your conversations will naturally lead to business opportunities. 
  • Listen carefully to pockets of conversations you want to engage in before you do so. And when you chime in, try to show you were following the conversation. 
  • You could do a little homework before attending these events. Find their official social media accounts and check out their posts, followers and people who generally engage with them. It'll give you an idea of who's attending the events with you. Makes starting a conversation easier for you.


Okay, enough about finding copywriters, let's talk about interviewing candidate copywriters. See the next post.

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