1. Link building

Link building is the process of generating clickable backlinks pointing from one website (the linking site) to another website (the target site, usually a client or personal website you own.)

Link building itself has 3 major core benefits:

  • Higher organic rankings – Probably the single most important reason to build links. The more high-quality links you have pointing to your website, the higher you will rank. Links are still the #1 ranking factor and moving into future this won’t change.
  • Increase referral traffic – The links you are building will be clickable & likely built in front of your target audience already, this of course means if you are talking about a topic they are interested in, they will likely click through to read more about what you are taking about. Simple, effective and incredibly profitable.
  • Trust signals and social proof – When building links on high quality sites in your industry, one of the great additional benefits is the trust signals from users associated with this. For example, if you imagine a financial advisory getting links from Forbes, they can then use the logo of Forbes and other authority sites stating “featured in”. This can build a lot of trust and social proof very quickly in the prospect’s mind.

Links are the differentiation between websites that rank at the top of Google and sites that cannot be found. Generally speaking, if you search for any medium competition keyword, you will see top results on page 1, all of which will have some high-quality links pointing to them. The more high-quality links, the higher you will rank, as a result the more organic sales you will make.

The reason links are so important is due to their difficulty to obtain. Building links is a very technical, resource intensive marketing strategy. Technical and on-page optimisation can be learnt and implemented relatively quickly, but links are not something you cannot simply throw money at and earn, or “tick-off” as you can with a technical optimisation metric.

Instead, links need to be approached in a structured process. Google knows this and knew this 20 years ago. This is why Google is where they are today and the other search engines have a tiny market share in proportion.

With all this being said, the process can be expensive so do your research and find a company that can provide affordable link building.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing has been a staple for many businesses, but it remains one of the most effective strategies in 2018. Many businesses take advantage of content marketing, from eCommerce stores looking to increase Amazon conversions to web design service companies.

This is because it does not interrupt a potential customer. Instead, content marketing follows the inbound marketing methodology. People who need solutions are actively seeking for them, adding more fuel to the flame.

This is the first step in the inbound marketing methodology. It focuses on driving qualified traffic to your site. Content creation is the most effective strategy as it earns the viewer’s attention. Other benefits of content creation are increased traffic volume and lead conversion.

Content can come in a variety of forms; including blog posts, articles, videos, case studies and infographics. The stronger the quality of your content, the more authority you will gain, resulting in increased organic traffic.

The next stage in the inbound methodology is to convert this website visitor into a lead. To do this you need to acquire their contact information.

After contact details have been received, communicate with the visitor promptly. Follow up with an email that includes the promised content and arrange for a separate call or meeting to discuss relevant questions they may have about the business. Direct them to further relevant, informative content to help with any queries. Lead management credit for below extremely interesting fact about contacting leads as soon as they come in!

Next comes the close step. This is where leads turn into paying clients and customers. The marketing and sales teams must work together to complete the sale.

Closing is no longer just about sales. Modern inbound methodology understands closing the sale also relies on marketing.

Finally, you reach the delight stage. Even after customers sign the dotted line, frequent and effective communication is needed. Existing customers have high expectations so continue to provide high-quality content and service to them.

  1. Social media

The demand for people with influence on social media has flown through the roof, making it one of the best digital marketing strategies in 2018. Businesses are looking at establishing relationships with these people to avoid competing with other brands.

There has also been a surge in the popularity of live video in recent times. The biggest platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all have live streaming capabilities and have become vital for many people across a variety of fields.

Businesses are looking at social media live streaming as part of live webinars or automated marketing schemes to draw attention and increase the number of leads generated.

Social customer service is also growing and many brands are using Facebook and Twitter to answer customers’ questions as quickly as possible.

For example, Facebook facilitates this communication with a range of features, such as automatic messages when you’re on the go, instant answers, or the introduction of your messenger chatbots to provide fast communication and transactions.

In addition, social networks and CRM can always be a powerful combination that helps businesses understand their audience and organize their communications in a structured way. That is, a conversation that starts on social media is now reflected in CRM allowing to keep the record of any interactions with the customer regardless of the channel.

To conclude this point, it’s worth pointing out that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. This statistic shows how powerful social media is.

By Tom Buckland, HQSEO


3 digital marketing strategies that are succeeding in 2018