“Word of Mouth Marketing is the only marketing I use.”

Uh huh. We hear it all the time. And it is usually followed by “I get all my new business by Word of Mouth.” Uh huh. And THAT’S why you are at a NETWORKING EVENT for the Chamber of Commerce every month?

Yes! We get it. Word of Mouth IS the best marketing. We get most of OUR referrals by Word of Mouth. But you have to do SOMETHING to create it. You didn’t just open your business and people flocked to you, right?

Here is one of my favorite stories about Word of Mouth marketing:

I was at a chamber of commerce lunch.  At the beginning of the lunch, there is a round robin where each person at the table gets a chance to describe their business. I was the Board of Directors member at the table, so I had to go first.

(Here is a random marketing tip: When you are in a situation where you are going around a table, sharing your story, try and take control of the table, pick the person on your right to go first, and say “and then you will go next” to the person on their right. This gives you the opportunity to hear what everyone else says and you can customize your presentation on the fly. That tip was worth your reading another 5 of our blogs).

I shared my usual “We are business coaches, specializing in improving your sales and profitability, eliminating your costly human resource nightmares, and putting you on your yellow brick marketing path to the Wizard of Success.”

As soon as I said the word ‘marketing’ a new member, a contractor, says “I don’t need any marketing help, all my business is Word Of Mouth.”

“That’s fantastic,” I said. “Congratulations on your current and future success.” And I continued on. I noticed that he was wearing a company logo’d t-shirt. When it was his turn, he passed around a brochure (with two typos…seriously), and a business card. I asked, and he answered in the affirmative, that he was driving a logo’d truck and at each of their jobs, they put up a sign in the front lawn. He had also just spent $350 to join the Chamber and $20 to attend the networking lunch. But ALL his marketing was word of mouth.
If you are noticing that so far half of this blog is a rant, I am about to change that and answer the question:

“How do I get more Word of Mouth Marketing business, Hank?”

Thank you for asking!

Here are Tips to Create Word of Mouth Marketing:

1. Stay in touch with past clients. Often.
a. Text the following message randomly to clients: “I hope you are having a great day!”
b. Birthday Cards and Half Birthday Cards. Here is a great system we sell, that you can try for free: Real cards for less than $2 INCLUDING postage.
c. Random calls leaving the same “Just wanted to say hello” message.
2. Use surveys to check out how you are doing. If you write them the right way, you can generate more positive answers, which generates more word of mouth.
3. Give your clients referrals! Nothing works better than sharing the love. This is one of the ways we show our clients that we want to get more word of mouth marketing by GIVING OUT the Word of Mouth marketing.
4. Allow your clients to blog on your website. We are updating our site and it will have a tab called EXPERTS SPOTLIGHT. What this is going to do for you is increase your website relevance, increase your backlink count with solid links and gives you more reasons to promote your website that has nothing to do with your site. If you have a personal blog (nothing to do with your business) you could put it there too.
5. Solicit, Gather, and Share client testimonials.

6. Create a referral program. Here you are actually rewarding clients for assisting in your word of mouth efforts. We like creating a points system for our clients' customers that rewards them for various positive behaviors, like LIKING their social media site.
7. Here is the most basic reminder: Go above what is expected in your customer service, by making sure you have incredible staff and support.
8. Remember that PRICE is not a big determinant of whether you get Word of Mouth Marketing or not. If you offer a great product, the price, while important, is not the most important.
9. Promote your clients on your social media and your blogs.
10. We have created a mastermind group of our clients. We get together a couple of times a year to share best practices. You can create a sense of community with your clients as well. The more you do this, the more they stick with you.
11. Encourage reviews about your products. Here are some statistics to back this up: 63% of visitors are more likely to buy when a website has reviews or ratings. Reviews can add 18% to your sales. Customer reviews are twelve times more trusted than descriptions from the company promoting its product.

One of the first slogans I have used to our company is that “Marketing is everything you do when you are not doing what you do.”

All of your marketing efforts are of course, designed to bring in new business, but make it easier by multiplying your Word of Mouth Marketing efforts so that it makes it easier for new clients to find you.

By Hank Yuloff

Yuloff Creative