Branding Expert Tiffany Scott has been branding businesses across the globe for over 15
years in the lifestyle, fashion, and the sporting arena. From her home country Australia, she’s
worked with international renown brands such as Speedo.

Now residing in LA, Tiffany is the founder of YouMeShe Collective and helps purpose driven
entrepreneurs and business owners who want to live a life with impact to create In-Demand
brands. Her clients reside across the globe as far afield as Panama.

Tiffany has always been driven to deliver more. More effervescence, more initiative, more
success. Constantly pushing the edge of her comfort zone, she is a true pioneer in the evolving
world of branding and marketing.

Her strength is identifying and fostering the DNA of businesses. That has become her super
power. Once the secret sauce of “who we are, where we came from and where we want to go”
is determined, revenue and financial success became an unavoidable byproduct.

The common factor? Everything she does is with soul.

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Tiffany Scott